Foaming soap dispenser pump for mason jar

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  • High quality foaming soap pump

Save by combining this foaming soap dispenser pump with your own mason jars.

This kit can be used with any regular-mouth mason or canning jar to create your own mason jar foaming soap dispenser for your bathroom or kitchen. Foaming soap dispensers are a great way to economise on your soap usage, because you only need one-part soap to two-parts water to get a lovely rich foam for handwashing.

These high quality soap pumps are made from brushed stainless steel (not plated plastic) with a high quality plastic pump mechanism. They are made to last.

Dr Bronner’s castile soap works wonderfully in these pumps. If you prefer to make your own scents, choose the Baby Unscented castile soap, and add a few drops of your favourite essential oils.

* Soap pump measures 57mm tall from the top of the jar

*Jar not included*

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