Amber glass spray bottle, black trigger spray, brown label with text

Amber glass spray bottle

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These amber glass spray bottles with black trigger sprayers are ideal for your homemade cleaning sprays.

  • 450mL amber glass bottle
  • High quality black trigger sprayer

These 450mL amber glass bottles not only look great, but also protect the essential oils in your cleaning products from UV light.

The black trigger sprayers are high quality, chemical resistant and deliver a really nice, even spray. By twisting the nozzle, you can adjust the width of the spray, and you can lock the nozzle when not in use.

Many plastic sprayers end up jamming after being used with essential oils. However, I have been using these for one of my cleaning sprays which has very high concentrations of essential oils, and have had no problems with the triggers.

(Pictured label not included)

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