Fabric for beeswax wraps - organic cotton prints

Regular price $7.00

*Fabric is 110cm wide and price is per 25cm length. For example, if you want a 50cm length, select a quantity of 2, and fabric will be supplied as a 50cm length.*

Our organic cotton printed fabrics are ideal for your homemade beeswax wraps. Available in a range of vibrant prints that will look lovely in your kitchen.

Our selected organic printed fabrics are sourced from ethically responsible manufacturers. All fabrics are certified organic (most GOTS certified) and are printed with low-impact dyes (i.e. manufacturers do not use toxic chemicals, and the dyeing process has a lower environmental impact with less wastewater produced, etc.).

See this blog post for an explanation why we don't sell gum rosin/tree resin for your DIY beeswax wraps.


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